Surviving the desert

You’ll need to head into the Chaos-monster infested desert to find resources. Be sure to keep your wits about you!

Make it a party

You don’t have to go it alone. Ask some allies to go with you. Each character has his or her own stats, class, level, special skill, and weapon types.

Fight the Chaos

Attacking a Chaos monster launches you into a real-time battle. Certain monsters are weak to different kinds of weapons, so you can always switch characters during battle.

Stronger monsters come out at night, so be prepared! Knock their HP down to zero to win and gain experience.

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Solve puzzles, explore, and collect treasure

The desert is rich with resources, especially in its deep caverns and dungeons. You can collect materials by defeating Chaos monsters, moving sand with your Green Gale power, or even mining in caves.

The items you collect can be used in all sorts of ways: restocking shops, creating new outfits, or even upgrading weapons.

You’ll need to solve puzzles to get to new areas in dungeons. This might take special skills, such as digging or turning into a ball, so don’t worry if you can’t solve something the first time. Simply try again after switching up your party at your oasis.

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Turn travelers to friends

Sometimes you’ll run into other explorers while you’re out in the desert. Talk to them to find out what they know—they might even be convinced to move to your oasis.

Try the free demo

Send the demo directly to your Nintendo 3DS system and try out the game for yourself.