You’re the chief of your own oasis. Now what?

It’s time for on-the-job training!
Learn how to make your oasis the pride of the desert.

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Expand your oasis by recruiting

As you play, you’ll meet new people. Convince these travelers to move in and become residents to grow your oasis. Of course, they may want a favor from you first…

Start a Bloom Booth building boom

Your new residents may want to build shops, called Bloom Booths. Having shops will help you earn dewadems (in-game currency), as well as draw more visitors to your town. Restock the shops’ inventories with materials collected during your explorations.

When Bloom Booths do well, they can level up. This gives them more inventory—and gives you more skills to use when you’re out on adventures!

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Keep ‘em smiling

The key to being a good chief is keeping your residents happy. The happier they are, the stronger your oasis will be.

So how do you tell how they’re feeling? Each resident’s happiness level will show up on their Smile Meter. Restocking their shops and taking their requests can boost their Smile Meters, so do your best!

As you add residents and keep them happy, you’ll be able to level up your entire oasis and expand your space. Talk to Esna to get started.

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Under the rainbow

The rainbow that stretches over your oasis isn’t just pretty to look at. It also helps shield your oasis from Chaos and can even help raise your HP.

This Rainbow Protection is powered by the happiness and warmth of your residents. Keep an eye on the gauge to see how strong its power is.

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