Chaos comes to the desert

This desert world can be harsh and unforgiving.

But look carefully and you’ll find that it’s filled with life, from plants and animals to desert-dwelling tribes.

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One of the tribes that lives here is called Seedlings. Special Seedlings, known as Children of the Great Tree, have the power to partner with a water spirit to form what’s called an oasis. An oasis is a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the desert is being invaded by a mysterious entity known as Chaos. Chaos takes over the souls of living creatures and turns them into monsters who roam the desert.

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Now there is just one oasis left. Yours.


Your name is Tethu (male avatar) or Tethi (female avatar), and you are the younger sibling of a great chief. He saved you when your home was attacked, and now you must become chief of your own oasis and keep it safe from Chaos. You also have the wind power of Green Gale, which will come in handy.


She is the last water spirit, and has been waiting for ages for a Child of the Great Tree to find her. Now that you have, you’ll work together to grow and expand your oasis.

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